Your Std Test Schedule

Confilabs wants you to “be positive you’re negative,” so it is important for you to get tested for STDs and protect both your partner and yourself.

There is no way to know that you have a sexually transmitted disease if you do not get tested, so become educated on the types of STI (sexually transmitted infection) testing is available to you. Be sure that you are using protection each and every time that you engage in sex. Unprotected sex of any kind, be it vaginal, oral, or anal, can result in an STI.

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Spray On Condoms

Imagine never having to roll on a condom again. If the thought makes you think that such a scenario would be accompanied by a wrath of sexually transmitted diseases, fear not. One day, you or your partner may never need to roll on a condom for protection again because your condom will come in the form of a spray.

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Living With STD

If you just found out that you have an STD, know that you are not alone and that treatment is possible. There are over 65 million Americans are currently living with an STD.

The first step is to become educated and well informed on your STD. Confilabs recommends that you call 1-800-CDC-INFO (1-800-232-4636) to talk to professionals who can provide you with information and brochures for your partners and for yourself.

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