Confidential STD Testing for Syphilis

People think syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease (STD) of the past; it is not. There are active cases of syphilis, even in 2012. Syphilis is a disease that sounds like it comes directly from the dark ages. It is true, syphilis has been around at least since Columbus discovered the New World but more likely syphilis was around before Columbus returned to the Old World and had been diagnosed as some other ailment.  Confidential STD testing for syphilis may not seem important in today’s age, but syphilis is making a comeback.

Syphilis Testing

Syphilis is easily diagnosed by a blood test at a local STD clinic. A sexually active person over the age of eighteen should never wait until they suspect they have an STD before getting tested. Anyone who is having sex, even if they think they are in a monogamous relationship, should be tested regularly for STDs. Sometimes waiting until you are sick is like waiting until it is too late, especially with syphilis. Syphilis responds so well to antibiotics that it is a shame someone might live with the disease for ten to twenty years before getting seriously ill.Syphilis and Christopher Columbus

Confidential STD Testing

Getting confidential STD testing for syphilis is as simple as calling a local STD clinic and asking for a same day appointment. When having confidential STD testing, a patient is asked to come into the STD clinic for a blood draw and a urine specimen. Reputable STD clinics specialize in confidential STD testing and patients may pay in cash and not use insurance to guarantee their anonymity. Within forty-eight hours after confidential STD testing the patient will be notified with the results of the confidential STD testing.

Are you Positive for Syphilis?

Hearing the news that your confidential STD testing came back positive for syphilis can be devastating. STD clinics offer counseling as well as confidential STD testing. Getting accurate information and advice can be as valuable when feeling such serious news as “you have an STD.”

Treatment for Syphilis

Syphilis responds well to antibiotics. Unfortunately, some people who become infected with syphilis might live with the disease for such a long time before they know they have syphilis that they have irreversible damage to their bodies. Syphilis is a disease that likes to fester and grow while the infected person is clueless that they have the disease.

Sex is an important part of most everyone’s life and getting regular confidential STD testing will give each person the peace of mind they need to continue living a productive and sensual long life.

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