Decrease of STD Re-Infections

Health care professionals are studying recommendation from others that are researching the decrease of STD re-infections among the poor and minority population. The counselors have found the easiest way to change the way a person acts is to learn what is really important to them. Taking the information on what is a priority and discussing the need to remain healthy and STD free in the future, begins by protecting one’s self. The clinics are working with women in the African-American and Hispanic communities that are poor to discover these women’s priorities and concerns. Learning these priorities and using education has seen a 40% decrease in the number of re-infection cases of sexually transmitted diseases.

STD Rates in Minorities

Decrease of STD Re-Infections

Aids, gonorrhea, Chlamydia and other sexually transmitted diseases are common among the minorities more so than the Caucasian population. STD testing centers continue to see more re-infection cases and new cases among women as many diseases as the symptoms are harder to recognize in women, more so than men. With further education and outreach this is changing as fewer women are exhibiting symptoms of re-infection. This is encouraging, that this education and outreach program could affect a decrease across all spectrum’s of sexually transmitted diseases.

Expedited Partner Program (EPT)

Other programs that have been implemented within sexually transmitted diseases education is the implementation of the expedited partner program or EPT. This program is where the sexual partner that has been tested positive will take the medication or prescription back to the sexual partner to begin treatment without testing. This program has been effective for the treatment of gonorrhea and Chlamydia between sexual partners. Getting treatment started quickly between partners lessens the chances of re-infection. Although, sexual relations will need to be halted during treatment, to ensure the STD is gone.

Reduction in Transmission of STDs

Although the EPT cannot be used to treat HIV or other STDs outside gonorrhea and Chlamydia, the program has been used to reduce the spread of HIV. Any STD that is untreated increases those participating in unprotected sex to be at a higher risk of acquiring and transmitting not only HIV, but other sexually transmitted diseases.

STD testing centers offer confidential counseling and testing. The EPT program has quickened the time to treat the sexually transmitted diseases therefore seeing a decrease of STD re-infection. Reaching out to the community and educating those that are sexually active has brought about results. Discuss the EPT program and other priorities with the counselors working with the STD testing centers and clinics.

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