Sex Education

Most every American citizen living has had sex education at some point in their life whether it is while going to school, the parent talk, National Geographic or what Jonny and Sue told you on the playground. Some people got their sex education by way of the backseat of a car and many of those people ended up with unwanted pregnancies. Sex education is not just about puberty, menstruation and pregnancy; probably the most important part of sex education is often skimmed over and that is sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). But learning about STDs and how they are contracted is not the only part of information a person needs; they also need to know about anonymous STD testing for sexually active adults.

Unfortunately, a huge majority of the populations does not make it a point to get tested for STDs unless they suspect they have an STD. What most people are unaware of is STDs do not always show any type of symptom and people can go on for years, spreading STDs and becoming ill without knowing it, STD testing at a clinic will solve that problem before it Sex Education at Schoolbecomes a serious problem.

Anonymous STD testing is a simple process. And anonymous STD testing can take less time than it does to get a haircut. A person makes an appointment at a local STD clinic for a test – either blood and/or urine.  In less than 3 days their results will be available and no one but the person receiving anonymous STD testing will receive the information about the anonymous STD testing.

People do not realize how many sexually active adults are walking around with serious STDs and spreading those STDs. From five to sixty percent of the people who make an appointment for anonymous STD testing will receive positive results when those people had no suspicion they were infected.

Usually discovering from the anonymous STD testing that the person does have an STD is a devastating piece of news. The emotional burden is oftentimes worse than the STD itself. Thousands of people will find they are not alone with the fact they have an STD. Learning to accept and where to turn for help can be a tremendous help.

The amount of infected people walking around with STDs who do not know they are infected with STDs is mind boggling. There is a huge danger with having an STD and not knowing it. The danger of being unaware of having an STD is becoming extremely ill, or worse, dying. With anonymous STD testing there is no reason a person has to become that ill. If you are a sexually active adult and you receive anonymous STD testing then you are a sexually educated person.




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