Differences between ConfiLabs and Free Testing Services:

ConfiLabs STD Testing

Free STD Testing

Appointment Same Day Testing – No Appointment Needed Weeks to Months to get an appointment
Sample No Swabbing – Urine and Blood – No Embarrassing Undressing Get Undressed (embarrassing) and Swabbing (often very painful)
Wait Times 10-20 Minutes 2+ Hours
Tests Available Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Herpes, HIV, Syphilis and Hepatitis Testing No herpes testing available
Convenience Test at over 3,200 Locations Nationwide Limited locations and Limited hours
Privacy At the lab, no one knows your name or what you’re getting tested for. STD test results are available via secure, password protected online portal. Results are not reported to insurance companies. Free STD testing offers no confidentiality and privacy. Results will be reported.
Accuracy Most Accurate Tests Available UNKNOWN
Results 1-3 Days 2-3 weeks
Treatment Available Available
Cost Tests start as low as $79 Free, but often difficult to find – primarily based on income
Billing Anonymous Billing Options Available Not Available