Why ConfiLabs?

The ConfiLabs service provides immediate, accurate and, most importantly, confidential STD Testing Services. We offer the most advanced testing available in the marketplace. Our highly trained counselors, testing service and security are unmatched. ConfiLabs doesn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to testing. We know that ordering an STD test online is far more involved than ordering a DVD or a pair of shoes. We understand that getting tested for an STD can be a very overwhelming experience and our highly trained counselors are here to assist you during the process. Your counselor will assess your sexual risk factors with you and make a recommendation based on those factors. Since there are over 140 lab tests for the six infections ConfiLabs screens for, our trained counselors will help determine which tests will provide the most accurate results for you. Don’t let your or your partner’s past affect your future. Get the Peace of Mind You Deserve…Call ConfiLabs Today.

ConfiLabs…Immediate, Accurate and Most Importantly…Confidential

About ConfiLabs

The ConfiLabs service provides immediate, accurate and, most importantly, confidential STD Testing Services. Our services are confidential, ensuring that your information will remain private, and offer you an alternative to going to the doctor and sharing your sexual health information with your insurance provider or Medical Information Bureau (MIB). By using ConfiLabs, you are in control of your own healthcare decisions in a discreet, safe and professional environment. We offer same-day testing at over 3,200 convenient laboratory locations and provide expedient results (within 24-72 hours). All of our tests are FDA approved and will be administered by a CLIA laboratory and a licensed phlebotomist.

STDs work rapidly through your body and time is of the essence. Within days, you can be on the road to recovery, making this unfortunate situation an isolated incident that will be taken care of quickly so your life may go on the way you intended it to be.

If you think you may have an STD, do the right thing and get tested. Do it for yourself, your loved ones and help stop the spread of the infection. Be positive you’re negative–get tested with confidence, get tested with ConfiLabs.

Get the peace of mind you deserve and call ConfiLabs today.