Too Busy for Confidential STD Testing?

If you are too busy for confidential STD testing then you might be too busy to stay healthy in order to live a long and healthy life. Let’s face hardcore facts; sexually transmitted diseases are prevalent in our society. Yet, we do not talk about STDs, in fact, oftentimes we simply ignore the topic altogether like the plague.

Our lives have become so busy we barely have time to get our tires rotated or read all of our e-mail much less has time to read a book or make an appointment to get confidential STD testing at a local STD clinic.  Make certain your life is not too busy for confidential STD testing!!

Keeping your health privateToo Busy for Confidential STD Testing

The majority of people like to keep details about their sex life a private matter and as Americans that is our right. There is no need for family, doctor or the insurance company to know what goes on behind the bedroom door or the backseat of our car. Confidential STD testing offers the privacy people deserve.  It is an utmost important matter that people are so busy with daily life they have not given thought to sexually transmitted disease and how it affects them nor have they thought about getting confidential STD testing.

What to consider before getting tested for STDs

There are two points people should consider before dismissing confidential STD testing:

STD Testing is necessary

ONE: STD testing is a necessity for every sexually active adult over the age of eighteen who has had more than one bed partner or whose partner has been with more than one person. It is fair to note even monogamous relationships are not always as monogamous as they may seem. Also, it is likely a person may come into a monogamous relationship with an STD and not be aware of it. And the reason they might not be aware that they have an STD is that people with STDs do not have any symptoms. Countless people are walking around in their very busy lives with STDs and do not know it. If a person has an STD without knowledge of it, they may seem healthy now, but STDs have a way of festering inside the body and many STDs and STIs will make the infected person ill and some STDs , if not detected, will kill. Also people are infecting other people with STDs and so on …

Confidential STD Testing reduces stigmas associated with STDs

TWO: Why should a person get confidential STD testing? Like it or not, there is a stigma attached to STDs. Narrow minded people associate words to STDs like dirty, prostitution, sluts, man whores etc. But the facts are much more the opposite because STDs do not discriminate. STDs will infect Moms, Teachers, Doctors, Police, friends and relatives. However confidential STD testing keeps private information private. Most do not feel the need to have anyone, including the insurance company know about an STD test; so therefore they choose confidential STD testing. You should too.

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